viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

My Arduino Box

My Arduino Box is a universal MIDI controller and can be used with any MIDI-compatible software or hardware. 
This muti_pourpose device is built over an Arduino Duemilanove board.  

It provides 5 velocity sensitive analog inputs, with full MIDI (0-127) velocity range using piezo sensors, 1 variable potentiometer and  5 switch foot-pedals associated to standard MIDI controllers.


Emulates the NI RigKontrol allowing to control Guitar rig software.
Wah pedal, preset changes, activate/deactivate fx.

Drum Brain with 5 velocity sensitive inputs and hi-hat continous controller.

Piano Suntain pedal, soft pedal and volume.

And anything you can imagine regarding MIDI controllers.

See in action

My Arduino Box from Oscar Chamorro on Vimeo.